Noisette Reunion 2011

Noisette Reunion 2011

Greetings Family and Friends,

The 2nd International Noisette Reunion 2011 is almost here.  Over 170 people have registered to participate in this year’s reunion. The Noisette Reunion committee is preparing for  the overwhelming response to this year’s event.  Noisettes are attending from Paris, Canada, and all over the United States.

If you are interested in attending, late registration is available.  Please email her at as soon as possible.

Avery Research Center will host an Exhibit, displaying historical documents and displays of the Noisette Family, July 29-August 2, 2011.  August 15-27, 2011, the American Rose Society will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Noisette Rose at Edisto Memorial Gardens, in Orangeburg, SC.  We would like to present your family group documents, pictures, artifacts, and displays for these two events.

Reunion Committee: Auzheala Bryan, Peggy Clement, Dedra Davis, Barbara Gourdine-Clark, Thelma Simmons, Mary Jane Simmons, and Roberta Frasier.


  1. Greetings! I believe that I am related. My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather is Henry B. Noisette. My aunt is Roberta Frasier. I remember my Great, Great, Great Aunt Viola Noisette-Smalls as a child & teenager. I lived with my grandmother Estelle Gruber-Frasier. My mom is Estelle Frasier-Bethea.
    There will be a ceremony on November 11th to honor Henry B. Noisette. I am so proud of my family since I am a veteran of Saudia Arabi, my uncle Tyrone Frasier for the Vietnam War and now my ancestor for the Civil War. Let’s keep in touch. I look forward to uniting with family.

  2. It was nice meeting and celebrating with you Shawnette on Veterans Day. You have a rich family heritage, one that you seem to be carrying on as a Veteran yourself.

    Thank you for your service to our Nation.

  3. Hi my name is Cicely Noisette,My father name is Melivn Noisette his mother name is was Eve Noisette I would lovE to attend any family events you have please keep me posted…ayanni052903@YAHOO.COM

  4. Hello,
    I am the daughter of Corrinne Lynette Lee-Davis; who was the daughter of Samuel & Emily Lee from Charleston/Summerville, S.C.
    I am very proud of my ancestry, and would love to meet my family. Names on paper do not compare.
    I would greatly appreciate you keeping me posted about the reunion. I would love to meet the many members of my family that I do not know personally. God bless and keep you safe. Thank you

  5. Hello…

    I’m French and I’m sorry if my English is not good!
    My grandmother was the daughter of EMilie Henri louis Noisette, son of André Charles, son of Antoine, son of Jean or Joseph….

    I am currently in genealogical research to trace our origins.
    Your family reunion Hazelnut is a very good idea. Congratulation for this initiative.

  6. Hello to everyone. We are Edward and Veronda Berry. We are related through Edward’s mother, Gwendolyn Nell Berry, who was born and raised in Charleston. Gwendolyn is the great, grand-daughter of Louisa Noisette Edwards. Louisa is the daughter of Louis Philippe.

    We are looking forward to attending the reunion. Ironically, we have a Christian record company called Noisette Music. Feel free to visit us at

  7. Here it is June 16th, the reunion over a month away. Calls are coming in everyday saying ” I’m coming!!” I am so excited for those who will be meeting for the first time their cousins from their ancestral families. In the last few months I have put my cheek to the tombstone of my 4th great grand uncles (Joseph and Paul Noisette), I’ve talked to my 5th cousin Kaprice who is connecting to the family for the first time, (her 5th great-grand mother was the sister of my 4th great-grandfather). I ‘ve met my 3rd cousin, Frances once removed who lost her ancestral family connection over forty years ago. She brings over 100 people to our continuously growing family tree.

    Am I excited?? Over the top excited!!

  8. Hi, I plan to attend the Noisette Reunion-2011
    (with my husband Simpson Berry Jr. and other members of the family, see Veronda Berry says).
    I am the great, great grand-daughter of Louis Philippe Noisette who is the brother of Joseph and Paul, son of Philippe and Celestine.

    Hope to see you soon.




  10. I am wanting to take a group photo of all of the Noisette’s at the picnic on Friday the 29th. I will have them available at the banquet on Saturday the 30th. I just want to make sure that there is an interest and that we can find a place to stage the photo. Please let me know what ya’ll think.


  11. Hi, my grandfather was Samuel Lee the son of Ellen Noisette Lee. I would like to see more connections with the female side of the clan. We focus to much on the male decedents and foget the female decendents.

  12. I would like to see more connection with the female side of the family. My grandfather was Ellen Noisette Lee. Where are her decendends

  13. Ellen Noisette Lee is one of our family’s biggest mysteries. We know she is the granddaughter of Philippe Stanislas Noisette. According to the family notes it was said that she was a first cousin to Alexander Noisette II. They both were raised in Summerville, SC. That means her father has to be one of the 5 sons of Philippe. The five sons being Alexander, Louis Philippe, Pierre Louis, Joseph or Paul S. We have a list of Alexander’s children which didn’t include an Ellen. Louis Philippe had one daughter named Louise or Louisa Noisette who married John Edwards. Pierre Louis left for France in 1840, married twice, had two daughters, Marie and Augustine, by his first wife. Joseph and Paul never married or had children as far as we know. Another set of notes has Ellen as the daughter of Philippe Stanislas Noisette Jr and unknown Chamberlain. We haven not found a record of a Philippe Stanislas Noisette Jr.

  14. I would love to come for the next reunion please keep me in the Nut Loop.

  15. My name is Karl Faulk,the son of Irma Noisette Lee,who was the daughter of Samuel Noisette Lee and Helen Lee.Little is known of our past,due to issues that are problematic in this Country’s history. I would truly appreciate any information that ties our family history together,in order that we might better be able to understand and know our truly remarkable past.

  16. Hello Noisette family, I am a family member of the Bryan, my great grandfather named was James Ellott Bryan and he was married to Margaret Steplight Bryan ( Daggie) this was her nicknamed was my great grandmother one of there children was my grandmother Bessie L.Bryan Talps- Scott who married to James Leon Taples who changed his named to Talps. I would like to know more about the Noisette and Bryan family. Oh yeah my grandmother got married twice after my grandfather passed away, to a man named Mr.Richard Scott, and she out live them both and she passed away in 2001. So can let my 2 gentleman know the history of the Noisette and Bryan history where we come from. My name is Ivory Venus Talps

  17. Greetings, I am the National Grand Historian for the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in America and Jurisdiction. I live in Columbia, sc and I have found two names on our rosters from 1865. Henry S. Noisette and Henry B. Noisette. Please contact me

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