Noisette Family Reunion 2015

Noisette Family Reunion 2015

August 5-9, 2015 in Charleston, SC

Come prepared to connect with many cousins from France, Haiti, and the U.S., learn about yor heritage, and experience the beauty of historic Charleston – the origin of the Noisette family in the U.S.


  1. This seems the right place. My grandfather was eugene a. noisette,married to blanche suber. They lived in the new york and new jersey area. If anyone reads this and can help me understand why my branch of the family is so removed it would great. Im also interested in the reunion next year but need more info. Email please at

  2. I am a descendant of Martha Noisette Perry, daughter of Harry Noisette, Sr Born in Charleston, SC in 1894. She Attended St. Phillip’s Catholic Church as a child with her family. Married Abraham Paul Perry and moved to Moncks Corner, SC. e(1894-1965). I would like to learn more about the family reunion 2015. Thanks
    Harriett “Bunnie” Motte-Bennett
    daughter of Marie Perry Motte, second child of Abraham & Martha Noisette Perry.

  3. Hello Noisette family. My name Is Macion Noisette. My grandfather is Maceo James Noisette Jr. His grandfather is John Noisette born in South Carolina. I’ve recently attempted to research my ancestry and came upon your page. I’m excited to see if I’m connected in any way. If you be so kind as to look into the connection and help me I’d be grateful. Thank you!

  4. What a wonderful website! My grandmother, Amelia Noisette, was a part of this wide & wonderful family. My dad, Olin Peters, passed away without knowing much of his mother’s history. He would have been so proud to know his heritage. Thanks to my cousin I am able to share that heritage with my children! Unfortunately I did not know of the reunion this year and would have loved to attend. I see from the pictures my uncle, Carl Peters, his wife, his two daughters & granddaughter attended. I hope to make it to the next reunion and meet some of my extended family. Thank you for the opportunity to know some of my history!

  5. Back in the early 1960’s, my family lived in Colton, California where we enjoyed our summers at the Azure Hills Country Club. Walt Noisette was the swimming instructor. Any chance he is part of this same Noisette family? It’s been over 50 years but I still remember with great fondness the man who taught me to swim.


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