Noisette Reunion 2011

Noisette Reunion 2011

Five Noisette Groups join for the 2nd International Noisette Reunion in Charleston, SC, July 28-July31, 2011

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  1. Hello Beautiful Family!
    I am also a Noisette descendant. My grandfather Lee was the grandson of Phillipe Noisette and my grandmother was his daughter Lenora. My mother is his granddaughter Jean (now Jean Mizelle) and her brother Donald his grandson. Interestingly enough my fathers family the Mizelle’s arrived in this country from France in 1698. I guess it’s true that the french get around! ha! Lovely to see you all here, wish I could’ve been there to meet each one of you. I have been tracing our family geneology for the past year and have learned so many wonderful things about my ancestors. It has led to a better understanding of who I am and where I am from…so important:)
    All the best,
    Carol MIzelle

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