Descendants of Philippe Stanislas and Celestine Noisette met in Charleston August 21-24, 2008 for the first international family reunion, with family members from France, descendants of Philippe’s brother Antoine, joining their American cousins. Correspondence searching for the American Noisettes began in 1934 with a series of letters from France to the US.  After a letter from Marie Louise Quintin finally reached an American cousin in 1934, a few of the family members corresponded for years, which eventually lead to the meeting of  French cousin Christian Quintin  (a direct descendant of Antoine) and Madi Lawrence, the daughter of Walter Scott Noisette, direct descendant of Philippe.  Walter Noisette, grandson of Walter Scott Noisette also met with French Noisettes when he was in the armed forces, stationed in Europe.

The 2008 reunion was attended by many family members from through out the United States, one from Italy, six members of the French Noisettes, and three members of the Haitian Noisettes, now living in Florida.