Hello family, We are ready to start registration for the Noisette Reunion 2023, July 27-30,2023.
We have a tentative schedule in place. Unfortunately, the museum did not open as scheduled
because of humidity/air condition problems, but we must move forward with the planning. They
have not released a new date yet. I cannot promise you that the museum will be open for our
reunion. I will keep you posted as soon as I know more.

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday evening: Meet Your Family Night (light snack)
Friday: All day at the museum (Lunch)
Saturday Morning: Picnic/Beach/Seafood Feast, Sullivan’s Island
Saturday Night: Banquet (Dinner)

I have secured the hotel and you can now book your rooms. You may book on the 26th of July
for the same daily rate. If you are planning on staying longer than the 30th, let me know so I
can arrange the same or a reduced rate. Numbers are important to be able to plan events and to
establish costs. Fees are listed on the registration form. Fees include at least four meals,
admissions, transportation to events, snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic), shirts, bags, and

Here is the link for the Hilton Gardens Hotel in Mount Pleasant.

If you are interested in a suite or have any questions, please reach out to me by email
peggyclem@peggyclem.com or by phone, at 843-259-1752.

If you would like to make payments towards the reunion, please let me know.
Our bank account is open and ready to receive funds. The account information is
on the attached registration form.

Love you all and see you in Charleston, July 2023.