‘Noisettes since 1710’

‘Noisettes since 1710’

The reunion book this year is an 86 page book that includes a brief History of the Noisette family from France and their descendants from France, Haiti and America.

The book also includes family trees of different Noisette families that originated in Charleston but migrated to Savannah, New York, Florida and other cities in the US.  Pictures from the different family groups are displayed as well as historical documents, family letters, and the informative 1948 notes of Author Susan Bennett.


  1. Good Morningit’s possible to buy the book? We are a bookstore in Milan. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I’m the curator at a Rose Garden in Italy all composed by Chinensis, Tea and Noisettes. May I have information about your book please? Where can I find it? Thank you

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