Noisette: First African American Airline Stewardess

Noisette: First African American Airline Stewardess

Breaking Down Barriers

Patricia Banks Edmiston,descendant of Benjamin and Anna Noisette, abt. 1810, Charleston, sc.






  1. A very inspiring story and message . You were a pioneer Patricia . Your story makes me very proud of your achievements. I am one of your cousins from South Carolina . I am well aware of the sort of decrimination you faced. You fought the battle and won. I will pass your story on to younger members in our family . Thanks to your victory and the victories of many of our people . Our country is a better place because of unsung heros as yourself.

  2. Ms. Edmiston: Your story lifted my spirit. Last night I was watching Pan Am. It made me rather sad and I turned it off. You see, when I graduated from college in the ’60s, I wanted very much to become a stewardess, as they were then called. I interviewed for a now defunct airline and was told that I would have to gain weight in order to be considered. I could not gain the weight. In any case, it was probably just a convenient excuse. Looking back, the job would not have been the best choice for me. But still, an unfulfilled dream is a sad remembrance. But your story, and others I have found, remind me of the courage and determination it took to break down barriers. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Was so glad to hear of your history of an airline stewardess, I to have a hisory like yours. I was the first African American in 1966, to be from the stayed of Alabama. I am from Birmingham, Ala. My home base was Atlanta, Ga. I would like to speak with you sometime. Please chrck out Southern Airways, Inc website to see my picture.
    Connis Chandler Kimball

  4. Thank you very much. We have a rich and beautiful legacy to pass down to our children.

  5. This story swelled my heart with pride and admiration, thank you cousin for
    your tenacious and determined spirit. Now you are officially my new shero. What a great legacy and story to share with my grandchildren!

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