Noisette Reunion 2015 : Closing Letter

Noisette Reunion 2015 : Closing Letter

Hello Family,

What a fantastic reunion! After many months of planning, it is hard to believe that the 2015 Noisette Reunion has actually come and gone. We hope you enjoyed the activities that were arranged. The reception which displayed the family trees, documents, and exhibit panels, always brings life to our family history. As we continue to add to the collection, there is something new to learn with each presentation. We hope you enjoyed the Gullah Tour, the visit to the Angel Oak, and the picnic at the county park which included the water park for the kids. The best part was the talent show with the kids!! Time flies when youʼre having fun, so weʼre sure that day seemed like it went too fast. Unfortunately, we were not able to take the group picture because of the bus issue, so we apologize for that.

The visit to Emanuel AME was incredible. The connection of our family members, Debra Johnson Lamb, Sharon ʻSherrieʼ Johnson Rencher, and Carmen Michelle Easter Garner to this historic church, touched our hearts. We were able to enter the place where those nine faithful, God fearing lives were so tragically taken while they only showed love and compassion to a stranger who only had hate in his heart. We were able to witness the strength of that congregation through Mr. Williams as he spoke to the group, and not allow that hateful act prevent church members from conducting activities in the church as they continue to heal. Michelle was ecstatic to see the edifice that housed the tomb of her great grandfather and mother.

The banquet just went too fast!!! When we are able to share with you newly found information brought to us by research or just happenstance, it is always exciting. Finding Philippeʼs obituary, Josephineʼs descendants, the family of Louie Toussaint still living in the home where he once lived in the early 1800s near Paris, while hearing about Ellen Elizabethʼs courtship, and marriage to Frank ʻSparksʼ Lee, and the incredible life of Joseph and Paul, made for an interesting, informative, and unforgettable evening. Our guest speaker, Josephine Humphreys, showed us how her ancestry paralleled our history, starting about the same time as Philippe and Celestine in Santo Dominge. Our evening ended with the group picture which is attached, picture taking, hugs, kisses, goodbyes, and “see you next time”.

Love to you all,

Peggy Clement, Robin Griffith, and Barbara Clark


  1. I would love to learn more about the ‘Noisette’ last name. I feel as though I may be a part of this family along with the rest of the Noisette’s that live in Jacksonville,Florida.

  2. Hello Terissa, There were two Marion Noisettes born about the same time in the 1860’s. I am the descendant of the grandfather of the Marion who never MARRIED. You are a descendant of the Marion Noisette who married and had several children. We are still trying to research your ancestor to determine if he is related to my ancestor. I have been working on your family tree but it had been difficult getting information from your family. If you are interested in working on this worth me, let me know.
    Peggy Clement

  3. Hi, my name is Brittany I just recently found out that i was adopted and my name before was Jasmine Latrice Noisette and I’m looking to find my biological mom.

  4. I don’t know if I can help you. I have posted your message. Where do you live? Do you have any other information. Email me at

  5. Hi my name is Shante Noisette and Terrissa Noisette is my cousin and I resign in the Jacksonville Florida area as well and would love to learn more about the Noisette ancestry

  6. Hello family and I am sorry I am posting this so late and I am not sure if it will be published.
    My dad, grandparents and other family member’s were born in Charleston.
    I attended the 2015 reunion with my wife, Patricia Noisette and my daughter, Alexandra Noisette. For the 2018 reunion, I will be attending with my three children, wife and 2 grandchildren, all Noisettes.
    2015 was fantastic and I can’t wait to see everyone, plus more, in August, 2018.
    Love to all,
    Leroy Noisette, Jr. (a/k/a/ Lee)

  7. Hello my Great grandfather named was Elliott Bryan, and from my family history one of his daughters name was Rose, Bessie, Susan,Henryetta, Bryan and the sons was Lewis, Robert. Well I’m the grand daughter of Bessie Lorraine Bryan Talps-Scott. My aunt Delores told me about the Noisette family were her grandfather family history of the Noisette. I would love to know more about my family history.

  8. Dear Mrs.Peggy, How are you doing today, I apologize for getting back to you late but don’t check my email every day. I know that my great-grandfather mother was a Noisette and she married to a Bryan. I’m trying to learn how to use to computer. Mrs.Peggy I love to know about my family and know this is a big family. my Great-grandmother name was Margaret Steplight and she married James Elliott Bryan and all together they had 11 kids and I was told they had 6 kids you see I have a big family on both side of my mother size. I would love to know more about Noisette family for my two gentlemen. My sons name is Quantrale Talps who is 33and be 34 in Sept and my youngest is Keontri talpswho is 24 and be25 in July. Mrs. Peggy this is my phone number 843-7510321.

  9. Hi Peggy, Pamela Noisette here!!! The last time I saw you was in Savannah with Lex. I was wondering when will you be organizing another Noisette reunion?

  10. La lecture de votre article a été très agréable. Bobby Chris Heddie

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